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“We learn when we experience meaning. Learning is always an emotional experience. This is the essence of Learning.”                                                                                                                – Dr. Ronnie Green, Natural Forces


“A picture is worth a thousand words.” This statement is sometimes attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte, 19th century French general, politician, and emperor. What then, would Napoleon have to say about the worth of video? In the 21st century, youth have turned to technology to express themselves and their individuality. Programs such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube provide outlets for personal expression and recreation; however, it is the goal of S.W.A.G. to use this technology as an educational tool. These programs can be utilized to provide education for students around the world in order to spread the message of Students With A Goal. This message is about the importance of setting goals for their lives, and providing self-empowerment by enabling the students to have a voice in their personal challenge of setting goals for their lives.


As students use video documentary for monitoring their goal setting progress, they will answer three questions: 1. “Who am I?;” 2. “What do I want from life?;” and 3. “Where do I want to go in life?” This initial meeting will show the student what it means to set goals through a personal, in-depth view of their personal situation and perspective. During the following twelve weeks, the students will learn how to set goals for themselves, as well as how to meet these goals. Feedback for the students will be given through additional by-weekly meetings. These meetings will be an opportunity to monitor progress and modify goals as needed.


Throughout the following year, follow up meetings will be used to help continue, modify, or create new goals. Testimonies in Motivational Excellence will serve as the building blocks of goals, providing motivation, inspiration and challenges to the students. Through this program, the students will be encouraged to set goals, meet them, and learn the framework of becoming successful.