Students With A Goal is an organization that wants to help students raise the B.A.R.: Believe, Achieve and Receive. As students set goals for themselves and become dedicated, hardworking individuals, they will be successful.



  • We believe that failure is not an option.
  • We must commit ourselves to know that we are not here for ourselves, but for our children’s sake.
  • Academic studies, enrichment activities outside the classroom, and life experiences should provide additional support for the social, emotional, and physical well being of all children.
  • We as parents, educators, and community members hold the key to our children’s future. Once their future is determined, we must understand that our future is tied in with our children’s futures.
  • We must make sure these students are on the path for success, and if they are not, we must find the path to which they will take to become successful.



The Goals of S.W.A.G. are:

  1. Establish T.I.M.E.: Testimonies In Motivational Excellence
    • Market S.W.A.G. song and future video for student development of goals
    • Provide an outlet for students to use peer-to-peer motivation through technology
    • Digitally record students progress over time for instant feedback and additional resources for others to become motivated
  2. Provide students with opportunities to set goals for the future
    • Create short term and long term goals with continual tracking
    • Use behavior/choice assessment to present positive choices needed for success of goals
    • Role model hard work and dedication of support for students
  3. Develop a quality ongoing mentorship between students, parents, teachers, and community personnel to guide students while they reach their goals
    • Coach parents in helping their child(ren) identify goals and continually emphasize a positive attitude and decision making throughout the process
    • Provide teachers with training and support for goal development in students, while connecting instruction and activities that reinforce students’ goal success.
    • Collaborate with community members to meet with students monthly and explore possible careers and develop a network of resources for students to utilize in goals for the future
  4. Launch S.W.A.G. Website for Professional and Career Exploration
    • Present students with 21 careers/job opportunities from every sector of occupations, which include industry, business, vocational, etc.
    • Provide constant communication between professionals and students: email, website, podcasts to guide students in goal success and future opportunities
    • Connect students with Professionals in respective fields for hands-on application of goals setting and success